Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Introduction? Sure, why not?

I'm a twenty-something wife and mother who believes you're never too old for video games. A controller has been attached to my hand since before I was in kindergarten, and probably will be till the day I die. Though if I have a free minute that isn't spent chasing our daughter, inflating my gamerscore, or burying my nose in a book, I like to be crafty. I have recently gotten back into cross-stitching, and hope to eventually expand into other mediums as well. For now, cross-stitching is cheap, easy, and takes up little space, which is the perfect solution for our current housing situation.

My favorite old school consoles would have to be the NES and Super NES, which is where most of my inspiration comes from. So many ideas, so little time to make them a reality. *sigh*

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