Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zelda II - North Palace (started July 8)

I was always one of those quirky people who actually enjoyed Zelda II: Adventures of Link for the NES. Sure, it was hard as all get out, but I loved it anyway. I have also always loved the opening screen shot in the North Palace. I'd eventually like to do this on canvas, however for now 18 count aida will have to do. You know what? I'm ok with that. I banged out a pattern in KG-Chart, and just needed to pick up the supplies.

Now I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment, and was way too impatient when it came to starting this project. My original intention was do this project on 18 count black aida, which would have saved me a ton of stitching time. The problem? Michael's Crafts only carries black aida in 14 count, and the pattern was way too big to fit what they had on hand. So I settled on some 18 count Ivory colored aida, and accepted that I was going to have to stitch all that black as well. *le sigh* Realizing this, I had scurried back to the flosses to pick up the much needed black. Oh Michael's, you just had to add insult to injury, didn't you? They were completely out of black floss. Oh well, what could I do, right? Off to the register with my 50 lbs of floss, and figured I could keep myself occupied enough to do without the black floss for the time being.

After we got home, I put the pip-squeak down for a nap and set out to plot out the border on my aida. Having done that, it definitely put the whole thing in perspective.

Oh my sweet and fluffy lord, what have I gotten myself into? My impatience led to this, so I had to man up (figuratively speaking, of course) and just jump in. Besides, I still had the full six seasons of Xena on DVD that Michael had gotten me for Xmas that I had barely made a dent in, and several cases of Diet Coke.

The day one progress was rather unimpressive to say the least, but it was something and I was determined to stick with it.

This was all July 8. A few days later I had gone to Hobby Lobby in search black floss, which I happy they had some in stock. Come to find out that they also stock black 14 count aida in 30" x 36" size, which would have been big enough. Needless to say that information has been filed away for future reference, but I had already committed myself to this one, and have every intention of seeing it through to the end.

Fast forward a few weeks, and July 28 marked the end of week three.

That's the most recent WIP shot I have, and I have made a bit more progress since then. If I completely devote myself to only this project, I would like to shoot for having it done by the end of September. I think even that may be a bit ambitious, but I guess we shall see. As is I have a bunch of ideas buzzing around my head, but I want to get a bit more done on this one before I start working on side projects.

Time to grab something to get, and get going on tonight's progress.

Started: July 8, 2011
Cloth: 18 count aida
Colors: 14
Stitch Count: 59,392
Finished size: approx 14.25 in x 12.88 in

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